Screen Writer Reginald Rose was born in December of 1920 in Manhattan. It was while attending high school at Townsend High School in New York that he discovered a passion for writing. Eventually he attended City College briefly, and then enlisted in the United States Army in 1942-1946. Known best for exploring political issues through drama, his early work was primarily in television drama where he took part in writing Studio One, which was an anthology drama series. Twelve Angry Men is his best known work.


Written in 1954, Rose wrote the piece for television, and it was aired as a 60 minute episode as part of the Studio One series. The teleplay was later adapted to a play format and it had it’s first performance in 1964 in London. Henry Fonda went on to produce the play as a film which is still watched in schools today. The play was also adapted as Twelve Angry Women, and producers are welcome to utilize both scripts to create Twelve Angry Jurors, as Baldwin's Maskers Club has done.

In 2002, Rose died from heart failure but his legacy lives by students reading his play Twelve Angry Men in schools and theater companies performing his plays to this day. 

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