First Ladies by Julia Maenza

Julia Maenza's Independent Study playwright project will be presented on February 3 at 6 p.m. in the Residence Main Hall. Tickets are free to the event, but should be reserved in advance due to limited space. A free will offering will be collected at the end of the performance to assist the Maskers in their effort to bring an original work to an upcoming Fringe Festival. Seating will be on the steps of the residence, looking down on the lobby area, with some limited seating to the sides in the under stairs alcove. The presentation will begin promptly at 6 p.m., with feedback requested at the end of the show in a brief talk back. 


First Ladies is a play about the critical last moments of Hillary Clinton's campaign as seen through the eyes of five of the nation's most influential past presidential wives. With Clinton's campaign words floating around them, the ladies meet in a room to discuss what life would have been like if women really had been treated as equals from the beginning of our nation. The 40 minute staged play reading (meaning scripts will be carried in hand), will give Julia much needed feedback from audiences for her final revision of the play, which she hopes to submit to the Philadelphia Young Playwrights Festival later this year.


The play is co-directed by Julia Maenza and Destiny Brown, and features Lauren Fosnacht as Abigail Adams, Melia Hagino as Edith Wilson, Ashley Tate as Betty Ford, Katie Mostek as Eleanor Roosevelt  and Mariana Leone as Jacqueline Kennedy. Kathryn Park costumes the show.

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