Hey there! I'm Sydney Zilch, the techie marketing person for 2018-2020! Assuming the previous marketers passed on the email chain that I'm starting, you should have the login and a general sense of what to do. This is here as an extra help page for you! So, without further ado:

How to do what you need to do on Wix: A Marketing Tutorial!

First thing's first. Each season needs its own main page. Creating this main page should automatically put it in the menu bar. If this page isn't ready to be published, you can hide the page by clicking on the three dots for the page and clicking Hide. When it's ready, hit Show to let the world see this new page. You can also Hide old pages that are already linked to avoid cluttering the More section of the menu.

On this main page should be show graphics. You can honestly just copy-paste the formatting of the page from past seasons' and change the show names and graphics if you want. The image should be linked to a page that gives information about the show. Click on the image and you should see an option to link it to the page you want to send it to.

To create this new page, add a page and then move it under the main one for the season. Your main page will now have a page underneath it, and you can change, remove, or move around this page and any more that you add. 

On the first page, give a general summary of the show. Then link it to a second page with more information. This will be the "press release" that includes cast and crew. Create the page and link the first to the second by making a button. 

Buttons on our page are usually this one: 

Add it to the page by clicking the circled plus in the sidebar and going to buttons, then picking the one you want. Click on the button to change the text and link it to other pages. It can also link to outside sites, like Brown Paper Tickets, where we sell the tickets. A buy tickets button should be easy to find. Put one on every page for the show and on the main page for whatever show is current. The main page Buy Tickets! button can be removed after the show is over.

To add text to the page, you also go to the circled plus. In the text section, you'll find options. Click the one you want, then change anything you want/need to change, like color, font, size, etc. in the Text Settings box that will appear next to your text box when you click on it. If you lose the settings and want it back, simply click out of the text box and then back in. As you go back to being able to edit the text, the Text Settings will reappear.

If your program designer is as amazing as my marketing partner is, and you want to add the program to the page, click the Media button on the sidebar (it looks like a folder and a picture in the current version of Wix, as of November 2019). You can upload images, videos (show trailers, clips, etc.), PDFs (like the program), and more through this Media button. For example, if you want to make a Meet the Cast and/or a Meet the Crew page and you want to add people's headshots to it, that's how you add them. 

I may be missing some things, but I'm sure future marketers will fill in the gaps.

Future marketers who want to add your own input, feel free! Just pick a font and add your name and input to this page below. I also know that Wix will change over time as it receives updates, so change anything that's no longer accurate by making my no-longer-correct text red and adding your own update below in your style. (Just don't put words in my mouth* *font/section, because my words are mine and your words are yours. Leave your own legacy, don't try to change mine. Thanks!) I'm so happy that the Baldwin Bear reading this will continue the Maskers Marketing legacy, and I can't wait to see what you create!

That's all from me! Good luck and have fun!

-Sydney Zilch, Class of 2020

.Future Marketers! Add your own thoughts here!

You can put your changes to the tutorial in the same font, Georgia, if you want. Just add it to your section.

Just make sure your thoughts and comments have your own unique style to them!

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