Meet the Cast

Julie Brose ‘23 (Elizabeth & Gloria) has loved theater for as long as she can remember, and has always looked forward to being part of a Maskers production. She has been in around 20 shows including The Addams Family Musical (Pugsley Addams) at Wolf Performing Arts Center and Newsies (Buttons) at The Haverford School last spring. Julie loves playing volleyball, listening to musical soundtracks, and biology. She has had a great experience working with Mr. Warfel and the hilarious cast of this show. Julie would like to thank the audience for coming, and hopes they enjoy it as much as she has. 


Kit Conklin ‘20 (Betsy) has bounced her leg for an hour straight as Juror #2 in 12 Angry Jurors, fainted at her own wedding as Hero in Much Ado About Nothing, and worn a blue beehive wig as Polignac in Marie Antoinette. Offstage, some of Kit’s other notable roles include Features Editor (The Hourglass), Lead Critic (Cappies), Fran Kelsey (Mock Trial) and Lifer (The Baldwin School).


Sanae Hagino ‘21 (Emma) is delighted to be acting in her fourth show at Baldwin, although she can be found in the crew if not on stage. In Upper School, Sanae has been in Hairspray (LouAnn) and Marie Antoinette (Mrs. Sauce) and has assisted in every show since 9th grade. She enjoys singing with the B-Flats, watching TV, reading, and playing with her cats and dog. Her talents include bad accents, a decent Sophia Anne Caruso impression, and the ability to be way too loud, especially when it’s not warranted. She’s excited to be part of such a great show, and wants to give a special thanks to Mr. Warfel for starting the year off great! 


Samantha Manogue ‘22 (Lindsey) is excited to be a part of her first Maskers production here at Baldwin. Attending Welsh Valley Middle School, she performed in Willy Wonka Jr. (Lead Dancer) and Seussical (Bird Girl). Apart from theatre, Samantha has been a passionate dancer since the ripe old age of 2, and an avid sailor who has competed every year since she was 7 years old. Samantha’s hobbies include vigorously watching YouTube and Netflix, eating food, playing with her dog, shout-singing show tunes, eating food, hanging with her family, and eating food. She is ecstatic to be a part of this amazing show and wants to thank the incredible cast and crew for such a warm welcome and Mr. Warfel for a great start to the year.


Taylor Levinson ‘21 (Customer) has been in multiple shows during her time at Baldwin. Her performances range from Shang in Mulan Jr. to Mr. Sauce/Revolutionary 2 in Marie Antoinette, and she has even played the one and only Jesus Christ in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Her other hobbies include hugging her dogs for way too long, singing at the worst possible times, and annoying certain teachers (you know who you are) when they’re really busy and don’t feel like talking. If she’s not on the stage, she can be found in the crew, managing the concessions stand, or missing her cue. She is so happy to finally have a female role and wants to congratulate Mr. Warfel on an amazing first show here at Baldwin. 


Emily Seltzer ‘20 (Nelson and Manny) has always had a passion for theatre and is thrilled to participating in one of her final Baldwin productions. She has recently appeared in Marie Antoinette (King Louis XVI), Hairspray (Mr. Pinky and Matron), Much Ado About Nothing, and Sister Act, and worked behind the scenes for the middle school’s Honk Jr. Outside of the theater, Emily spends her time drawing, writing, and playing a variety of instruments. She would like to thank everyone for a wonderful start to the year!

Layla Siahatgar ‘21 (Wagner) is in her sixth show at Baldwin, most recently having appeared in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Olive) and Hairspray (Dynamite). Outside of theater, Layla loves singing with the Baldwin B-Flats, watching movies, and playing with her two cats. Layla would like to thank everyone involved in this show for creating such an amazing production!


Selina Wu ‘23 (Hannah) is new this year is really excited to be a part of her first Masker’s production. Her past theater experiences include Oliver (Orphan #2 and Urchin #4) and Princess Who? (Papa Bear and Prince) Outside of theater, she can be seen fencing, stressing over Mrs. Loke’s math homework, or procrastinating on youtube. She also enjoys being a part of the Baldwin Chorus and a part of the Bensingers. She is very thrilled to perform and would like to thank everyone that helped her adjust to Baldwin and to thank Mr. Warfel for being a great director.

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