Meet the Crew

Lucy Bonin ‘21 (Stage Manager, Prop Master) is a junior at Baldwin. This is her 9th Baldwin show and 12th show overall. She is head of Baldwin’s drama club, Maskers, and is on the Arden Theatre’s Teen council. When she is not doing theater (which rarely happens), she enjoys reading, listening to music, and judging people silently. She also enjoys eating so much ranch dressing that she vomits all over her grandmother’s open casket. She would like to thank the cast and crew for such an amazing show. Special shoutout to Mr. Warfel for making theatre something to be excited for again. 

Aislynn Cross ‘23 (Sound Apprentice) is a freshman at Baldwin. This year is her first with Maskers, although she hopes to join next year. She’s particularly good at getting distracted, and can usually be found fidgeting, procrastinating, and filling her browser with a counted 43 tabs of meaningless google searches, two of which are playing discordant music simultaneously. She is thankful to have been granted the opportunity to work alongside the various talented, brilliant members involved in tech. 


Ellie Delaney ‘22 (Assistant Stage Manager) is a sophomore at Baldwin. She has also worked as an assistant stage manager on 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and Marie Antoinette. She also has worked in community theatre with her family. When she is not working on theatre she enjoys listening to music, spending time with her family, and annoying her friends. She is very excited to work with Mr. Warfel for the next few years.


Grace Halak ‘22 (Set, Marketing) is a sophomore at Baldwin. She has worked on two previous Baldwin shows, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (lights) and Marie Antoinette (set and marketing), as well as marketing for middle school’s Thumbelina. She enjoys watching old movies, playing guitar, and spending time with her dog (sometimes all at once!). 


Aya Ibikunle ‘22 (Marketing Apprentice) is a sophomore in Baldwin. She first met Maskers in 8th grade and has stuck with it ever since. She was in Much Ado About Nothing (Ensemble), 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Crew), and, most recently, Marie Antoinette (Assistant Director). She’s done a couple middle school shows: Mulan Jr. (Mulan’s Mom) and Honk Jr. (Henrietta). Her hobbies include doodling, Internet surfing, reading, story concepting, and attempting to become trilingual. (Japanese and Spanish, if you were wondering. You probably weren’t, but oh well.) If you don’t see her in the spring musical, assume she is M.I.A.


Edith Lank ‘23 (Miscellaneous Homosapien) is a freshman at Baldwin, although we can’t say that anymore because it has the word “man” in it and that’s sexist. She isn’t really sure what her purpose in Maskers is, or in the universe at large, for that matter, but ultimately it makes no difference because we all die anyway. She identifies as a chaotic neutral disaster bisexual or pansexual, we don’t know yet, she’s figuring it out, give us some time and we’ll get back to you. She likes cats, dragons, unhealthy foods, summer, and profanity. She really wants to know what happens when you pour Acetone on kinetic sand.


Fiona Martin ‘23 (Lighting Apprentice) is a freshman at Baldwin and is new to the school. This is her first time participating as a tech person and enjoys it. Fiona enjoys reading, watching anime, making art, horseback riding, playing piano, and listening to music.


Cara Prendergast ‘22 (Sound) is a sophomore at Baldwin. Previously, she has done props for the upper school’s 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, as well as the middle school’s Thumbelina. This is her second time doing sound, her first being Marie Antoinette. Outside of theatre, she adores listening to music and painting. She would like to thank the cast and crew and the new director of Maskers, Mr. Warfel.


Estella Stein ‘22 (Lighting Designer) is a sophomore in her second year at Baldwin. Her previous roles for school shows include Assistant Director for 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Lighting Designer for Thumbelina, and Guilloteam/Lighting Designer for Marie Antoinette. She has also acted in several musicals for Wolf PAC and Music Training Center, in addition to working in the Upper Darby PAC Summer Stage Technical Theater Program. She is the Junior head of Maskers and hopes to be very involved in theater throughout the rest of her time at Baldwin. 


Scott Warfel (Director) has worked as a professional actor, director, musical director, producer, and composer/lyricist. He's done far too much to put into a single bio, but the highlights include co-founding First Stage Theater, writing shows, and generally making the Maskers wish he was immortal so he could direct us forever.

Nahla Yankowy ‘22 (Costume Designer) is a sophomore in her fourth year at Baldwin. She has done six plays so far, five of which took place at Baldwin. She acted in Baldwin’s productions of Mulan Jr., Honk Jr., and Marie Antoinette, and was the costume designer for the middle school’s production of Thumbelina Jr. Outside of theater, she enjoys painting, reading, and doing creative writing. She would like to give a special thanks to Mr. Warfel and the cast and crew of this production for making Baldwin theater a safe space again!


Sarah Ying ‘22 (Stage Crew) is a sophomore in her sixth year at Baldwin. This is the first show she has worked on, and she is very excited to see everything behind how these shows are put together. She is also excited to work with the new director, Mr. Warfel. Outside the theater, she enjoys running and swimming and is on the cross country and swimming team.


Sydney Zilch ‘20 (Marketing) is a senior at Baldwin. She was stage crew for last year’s fall musical, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and was marketing, set, and an actor in last year’s spring show, Marie Antoinette. Sydney came to Baldwin as a junior, and is sad to be leaving already. Outside of the theater, she enjoys wasting time messing around with technology. Maybe it'll become a part of her career one day, who knows? She would like to say thank you to the entire cast and crew, as well as our new director, Mr. Warfel. Great job, everyone! Keep up the good work!

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