Press Release: TABLE FOR TWO... OR MORE

For Immediate Release - TABLE FOR TWO... OR MORE is an arrangement of 5 one-act comedies. A frustrating experience at the DMV, a difficult audition, a strange dinner, a truce to end a friendship, and a show for political candidates all come together to create a hilarious portrayal of how much a single experience at a table can affect someone's life.

In The DMV Tyrant, a customer (Taylor Levinson '21) becomes very frustrated with the DMV lady (Grace Colucci '23) as she attempts to renew her license. The Spot is about a poll-driven campaign manager (Jattu Fahnbulleh '20) that depends on a pollster (Emily Seltzer '20) to devise the perfect spokesperson (Kit Conklin '20). The commercial Spot's director (Layla Siahatgar '21), speech-writer (Juliana Charles '20), and production assistant (Julie Brose '20) try to keep a level of sanity during the chaotic shoot. In The Blueberry Hill Accord, Lindsay (Samatha Manogue '22) and Hannah (Selina Wu '23) negotiate a truce to end their friendship peacefully. The Role of Della follows an actress named Elizabeth (Julie Brose '23) as she tries to audition for the role of Della in an upcoming show. The director, Emma, (Sanae Hagino '21), makes it harder and harder for Elizabeth as the audition goes on. But who is the stranger (Juliana Charles '20) who enters the room? And in Check, Please, a dinner date with Manny (Emily Seltzer '20) becomes interesting for his companion (Rachel Gopalani '23) as Manny reveals more and more phobias. 

The crew includes Lucy Bonin, Flora Brigham, Ellie Delaney, Grace Halak, Katherine Hull, Aya Ibikunle, Edith Lank, Fiona Martin, Cara Prendergast, Estella Stein, Nahla Yankowy, Sarah Ying, and Sydney Zilch. Our show is directed by our new director, Scott Warfel.

TABLE FOR TWO... OR MORE shows how a simple piece of furniture can be either communal or comically divisive. Our show will run for two performances: November 8 at 7 p.m. and November 9 at 7 p.m. on the Baldwin Campus in the Simpson Center for the Performing Arts. Tickets are $5 for Baldwin students and $7 for non-students.

© 2016 by The Maskers. 

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